Raceways System

Raceways are enclosed channels of metallic (rigid steel or aluminum) or plastic (PVC or HDPE) materials designed to hold, hide, and protect wires and cables you don’t want hanging and exposed out on walls or ceilings. Cable Raceways can be installed below the floor, above the ground, along a wall, or dropped from the ceiling. Most wire raceways can be painted for a customized or matching look.

Wire troughs are used to run wires between electrical devices, and provide the ideal solution for organizing cables or wires around your home and office.

Cable Raceways are also known as surface raceways, wire channels, cord channels, conduit, wire troughs, trunking, cable cover, and cable ducts. Get the best Quality Electrical Raceways System in Pune at Techsol Services Pvt Ltd, If you are looking for one.

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